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Change of Hands


Dear Colleagues, Dear Patients,


40 years ago we, my wife Wilma and I, continued the dental office of dentist Sjoerd van der Hem here in Amstelveen.
We could write a book about everything that happened in those 40 years. Our personal relationships with all of you, our struggle to develop new skills, the search for teachers and professors who were willing and able to give us all the necessary tools to do the dentistry at the best level possible.
We worked hard to reshape the office at the Parmentierlaan from a small family practice to the International Referral Office for Endodontics and Centre for Integrative Dentistry it is today.
It would make a beautiful story but we are not going to write that book. We will limit ourselves to this letter.


I want to specifically mention and honor my beloved teacher, guru and friend, Dr. Clifford Ruddle in Santa Barbara, California who taught me everything I know about rootcanals and who stimulated me to become the best. He also urged me to start teaching Endodontics and for years we staged Endo-seminars in our office.
I will be forever indebted to Dr. Ruddle and his team.


All that made it possible for us to teach and educate our colleagues. Dr. Masato Watanabe came to us 5 years ago and he became in a short time our equal in dental skills.
Many of you already know that Masato is the owner now of Dental Office van Mill. We are proud of him and wish him all the best.
It is time for Wilma and I to step back, hoist our sails, and let Masato follow his own course.


In this letter I would like to express my gratitude to all colleagues and patients for the trust you put in me and in our team of dental professionals at the dental office H.J. van Mill.
Take care of yourself, and of your teeth, until we meet again,



Heartfelt greetings from,


Rik and Wilma van Mill






“Healthy Strong Beautiful Teeth”


With more than 30 years’ experience in general dentistry and endodontology the team of international dentists at Dental Clinic H.J. van Mill in Amstelveen are renowned for their innovative treatments at the highest levels.


Dental Clinic H.J. van Mill is a practice for general dentistry, which means all disciplines of dentistry may be carried out in house. PREVENTION AND ORAL HYGIENE  CHILDREN'S DENTISTRY  PERIODONTOLOGY  ENDODONTOLOGY  IMPLANTOLOGY  ORTHODONTICS  CROWN AND BRIDGEWORK and VENEERS 


For any dental advise please feel free to contact Dental Clinic H.J. van Mill.


H.J. Van Mill is also a Referral Practice Endodontology and Training Center for colleagues who wish to continue in this field of dentistry.


For our EXPAT patients:

For the Japanese community in Amstelveen and surrounding areas we offer within our practice a team of Japanese dentists, assistants and a dental hygienist.


Our vision is a LONG TERM VISION

Our goal is for you to have LIFE LONG pleasure from your own STRONG HEALTHY BEAUTIFUL TEETH.

We do our UPMOST to achieve this together with YOU