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In 1982 Dentist Rik van Mill finished his studies at the University Of Utrecht. He then went on to study abroad for extensive post graduate schooling. He qualified in periodontology at the University of Gothenburg and Philadelphia. Then in between 1989 and 1990 he followed in Los Angeles the POS course of orthodontics by Dr. Don McGann. It was here that he came into contact with his inspirational teacher in endodontics Dr. Cliff Ruddle, since then Dentist van Mill has had a passion for endodontics.

Aside from Dr Cliff Ruddle, the other important mentors for dentist van Mill in the field of endodontics are Dr. Julian Webber from London and Dr.Pierre Machtou from Paris.


Getuigschrift.jpgFrom the very first course that dentist van Mill followed in 1990 in Santa Barbara in endodontics, his heart was stolen. To this day he remains intensively involved, every year he travels with his wife to Santa Barbara to keep up to date and informed on the latest developments and initiatives in the field of endodontics.

Dentist van Mill: “I still find it a challenge and an adventure to successfully treat within the boundaries of the complex anatomy of  the tooth.”