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Periodontology concerns the periodontium: the environment in which your teeth are situated. When prevention techniques have failed and oral health deteriorates, the remaining plaque and calculus can result in the gum to become infected; red, swollen and bleeds when brushing. We speak of either gingivitis or periodontitis.


Gingivitis is a mild form of gum disease, the gums are red and swollen, and the gums bleed on brushing. This comes from bacteria in the plaque that remains on the teeth if they are not correctly brushed. Gingivitis can be cured within a week with good oral cleaning and brushing instruction.


Periodontitis is the severe form of gum disease, where in extreme cases the jaw bone can disintegrate. In severe cases of parodontitis there are different treatment options. The dentist or oral hygienist will give you instructions and  information on this, so that the gums can once again can become healthy.