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Why a referral?

Root canal treatment, a speciality.

Your dentist is a well trained general practioner, who is fully capable of standard root canal treatments. Due to the complex anatomy of a tooth, a root canal can be very complicated and intricate and thus sometimes you will need to be referred to a specialist, with expert skills, knowledge and equipment to treat it.



Van Mill Endodontic Practice in Amstelveen has focused on root canal treatment, through extensive international study and years of experience. With this knowledge, all types of root canal treatments are performed to the highest standard and quality with successful results.



All treatments are carried out under magnification using zeiss optic lenses. This enables us to clearly see the complicated anatomy of the teeth. The treatment is carried out with upmost precision, concentration and care.


What can you expect on your first visit?

Your first visit is always only a consultation or a consultation followed by treatment. During the consultation the tooth or teeth will be x-rayed.

Depending on the referral and request from your dentist we may treat immediately or make a seperate appointment.


KiesThe anatomy of the tooth

To fully understand what exactly a root canal treatment entails, it is important to understand the workings of the anatomy of the tooth. Teeth are made up of several layers. The outside layer of the tooth is called enamel and this has a protective function.

Within the dentine layer are the soft  nerve tissues which protects the pulp where the nervous system and the tissue in which blood vessels are located.

Through a small opening at each root tip, these vessels are connected with the rest of the circulatory and nervous system in your body. Nerve tissue is important for the nutrition and development of the tooth. During a root canal treatment the tissue is removed, thus it is advised that after treatment by your dentist to then have a protective crown fitted


What is a root canal treatment?

An endodontic treatment is the same as a root canal treatment and this treatment needs to be carried out when the root of the tooth or molar is infected.


How does a root canal become infected?

A root canal infection is an inflammation of the pulp or the nerve tissue and is caused by tooth decay, a leaking filling or due too a trauma for example from a fall, whereby the nerves may become damaged and bacteria can infiltrate and thus causing inflammation.

Sensitivity to hot and cold can be the first indication of infection. It is also possible with some types of infections to have no pain, these can then only be seen by an x-ray.

An inflammation around the root of the tooth causes abcesses and swelling to the jawbone, which is very painful when biting down.