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What can I expect?


After a treatment, generally, most of the pain will stop immediately. However, it is possible to still have some pain of varying intensity. It is possible for a dormant pain, prior to treatment to flare back up, you should not be too worried as this is due too the following:


Although the cause of the infection is removed (the inflamed nerve tissue), and the canal has been cleaned and  shaped, it is possible for some residue infection to remain at the root tip in the jaw. This has yet to heal and needs time. If necessary you can take a pain killer for this.


This pain is similar to when a splinter has been removed from your finger, it will take time for the area where the splinter was to heal properly. Occasionally, your cheek may swell up and throb. In this situation it is possible that you need antibiotics, to help clear the infection.


However should you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to call us.